SMSF Accountant

Why Only SMSF Accountants Can Match The Complexity of Self Managed Superannuation Fund?

Who would not grow weary or confused of this complicated Self Managed Superannuation Fund? It is not something you read everyday but definitely has a deep impact on your finances.  To assist and guide you with Superannuation, SMSF Accountants from Duncan Dovico have committed themselves to help you every step of the entire process, answer your questions, and enlighten your confusions.

The ever-changing legislation of the Self Managed Superannuation Fund "SMSF" is a fast growing market and keeping up with it can be stressful. Our SMSF Accountants are consistently trained on the most recent taxation developments and mixed with our broad experience guarantees that Duncan Dovico provides all our clients' funds with the most advantageous level of service to support in maximising their retirement savings.

The most appropriate and excellent services we offer are:

  • Establishment of new SMSFs, and maintenance of all related fund secretarial documentation
  • Assisting fund trustees with the development of a comprehensive superannuation strategy that supports our clients' plans for retirement
  • Preparation of accounting and taxation reports to ensure that all SMSF regulatory requirements are satisfied - including preparation of financial statements and income tax returns and the lodgement of these reports with the relevant authorities
  • Provision of educational forums and seminars with trustees and members, along with other professionals within our SMSF network (i.e financial planners, accountants and lawyers)
  • Establishing connection with our extensive network of industry service providers, including some of Australia's leading providers of SMSF legal documentation, actuarial advice, technical support and IT integration

We are known to provide only the best quality and innovative service to our clients. We treat them as partners and we serve not only their wants, but their needs. This is how we have built our reputation as a reputable leader in the accounting industry. We always walk an extra mile to ensure that our clients' requirements are met and more. This is our legacy that we intend to keep, including the aspect of service our SMSF accountant provides.

You will always be in good hands with our SMSF accountant. We make sure your needs are customised so we can specifically manage and make accounting solutions that best fit you.

You can contact our Sydney and Melbourne offices listed below or make an email enquiry by filling up the application form below today. Take action now and ensure your Self Managed Superannuation Fund with the help of our SMSF accountant.