Personal Tax & Accounting Solutions

Each year, our team of tax advisors assist a large number of our clients with the preparation and lodgement of their annual tax return.

A key focus of this service is to save our clients both considerable time and money

With tax legislation ever changing, the preparation of individual tax returns remains complex and time consuming.

Our team of experienced tax advisors take the time to review each of our client's particular circumstances and ensure the right outcome is achieved.

To further make the process easier and simplified, we have established a range of convenient appointments options and methods of completing your tax return.

Some of the appointment options available include:

Express Appointments:

Easy and convenient - the express option allows you to book a phone or brief face-to-face appointment with an accountant to complete your tax return. At this appointment your information is gathered, your position reviewed and the data is collated and the return will then be prepared and provided to you to review, sign and return to us for lodgement.

On the Spot Processing:

Come into our office with all of your required documentation and have your return processed and lodged "on the spot".

To make things even easier and simpler, it's important that you bring all required documentation to your appointment. To further assist you, we have an online form available. We also recommend that you always revisit last year's tax return as a reminder and a guide to what you will need to bring along this year.

These services allow for prompt lodgement of your tax return saving you time, effort and money.

When booking your appointment, please advise us which appointment option best suits your needs.

Convenient Office Location:

We can meet you at our office located in the heart of North Sydney, a 5 minute walk from the train station.

Unable to make an appointment?

If you are unable to see us in person for an appointment you can elect to provide us with all of your documentation and send it to us via email or online form.

We can then liaise via telephone and or email to complete your tax return.


Should you wish to discuss this further, please contact us by phone on (02) 8412 6699 or use the following form to submit your query and we will get back to you.