Doctor Accountant

Why you should consider a specialised Doctor Accountant

Taking into consideration the seriousness and complexity of a doctor's responsibilities, who would not get concerned on how he/she should take care of the business side of this profession that requires extensive dedication? And the crucial business part is its accounting side. As a Doctor Accountant we have the appropriate knowledge and skills to meet this need.

Why can't a doctor just hire a regular accountant to prepare the accounting requirements of their profession?

Doctors have special accounting requirements that only specialised Doctor Accountants truly understand. They understand the daily stress a doctor experiences in his/her job. We have developed an special accounting system designed for doctors to take the headache out of the back office. 

And because you have a hectic schedule, there must be some things you do not readily see with regards to your business and accounting needs. At Duncan Dovico, our Doctor Accountant helps you manage just that. We just do not cater to what you want; we provide what you need, at the right time and at the right place.

This specialised system means you can concentrate on what you need to attend to the most – your valuable services to the community. With the Doctor Accountant's personalised services extended to you even off-business hours, your hectic schedule does not have to suffer and you can go on attending to your patients' needs.

Here is a list of the customised services we provide to you with quality and integrity at all times:

• Structuring advice - asset protection and tax planning
• Bookkeeping, payroll and accounts payable services
• Cash flow management
• Budget setting and forecasting
• Financial statements and income tax return preparation
• Superannuation advice including self managed super funds
• Bank and equipment financing
• Corporate secretarial services
• Weekly, monthly and quarterly management reporting

The specialised accounting service Duncan Dovico offers it's clients is always equipped with the familiarity with each client, meaning we know you not only by name but we listen and understand your individual needs, making each service fitted to your specific requirements.

As with health care, holistic care in terms of accounting services is provided to each of our doctor client by our Doctor Accountant, because that's what he/she also offers to the community, we could never dare give him less than that.

For more information on how to partner with our Doctor Accountant, please contact our offices today!